пятница, 11 февраля 2011 г.

Chevrolet Cruze 5 doors (World 2010)

In this variant hatchback, the Cruze strays a bit more of the beautiful American Registry of yesteryear. Since the PM and Corsica sad memory, we had not seen five-door Chevrolet. As a Chevy compact five-door, Diesel and complies with European tastes, it’s unheard of.
There are those who regard it as an “in car”, designed by the most obscure of South Korean manufacturers. There are those who do not stop this type of prejudice and appreciate the price floor and a style full of character in this comic Chevrolet in California and assembled at Daewoo.
There are those, lastly, who would be willing to take the plunge and offer a Cruze. What’s stopping them? The proximity of the Skoda Octavia II, firmly established on the family register of reliable and cheap. Without forgetting the Dacia Logan MCV that imposes its practical aspects.
Break the Franco-Romanian imposes its interior volume and strength of its fifth door (she has two!) But it sacrifices too aesthetics and driveability at the altar of the economy. By declining to a five-door hatchback, the Chevrolet Cruze tipped the scales in his favor.
The meager 85 horsepower of Logan are indeed pale in comparison to the 150 horses of the Cruze diesel. Above and including version top-end Prestige (15,150 euros), its presentation and list of equipment can not hold a candle to those of the Korean-American who is trading from 21,200 euros .
The price of its five-door variant remain secret for now. They will be announced at launch, scheduled in the second half of 2011. I bet that Chevrolet will remain faithful to its competitive positioning as promised “an exceptional value to rub a long-established competition.
Side interior, Chevrolet says even shorter. We would like to tell you that the seat, failing to expand, offer more space for knees that sedan. Not a chance. He will wait until the Paris Motor Paris (which opens Oct. 2) to learn more.
Otherwise, we learn everything as “the boot of the Cruze hatchback is about 400 liters, 450 liters cons for the sedan. And further: “The five-door Cruze will have a folding rear 2/3-1/3″. That’s it.